Aspirations of Ukulele Stardom

When I was about 15 my Mom gave me my grandfather’s mahogany ukulele he got in the mid 50’s. I tinkered with it from time to time but it remained mostly just a box in the closet. In my adolescent apathy I somehow allowed the handle on the case to be broken. You know what they say about hindsight.

Lately I’ve picked it up and have been making a decided (and in my opinion rather successful) effort to learn to play my dear little uke. The tabs and chords are simple, I’m just clumsy. I’m still tripping over measures and pausing to change finger positions. But, I have to admit the little thing is some of the best fun I’ve had with an instrument. Sometimes I close my eyes and imagine myself on an empty stage with some cheesy cardboard cut out stage decorations and a deliciously mismatched outfit kickin out some awesome Decemberists and Zee Avi covers. It could happen! Don’t burst my bubble. Aside from that Shawn wants an accordion. If he gets ok at it we could make one hell of a duo! But these are dreams for another day. Until then Sheena (ukulele) and I will content ourselves to concerts in my head.

In other not-so-musical news: I am almost done with the base part of the Tetris scarf I have been slaving over. Once the main scarf is done it’ll be time to add the crazy colors and do some pixely embroidery. I’ll post a picture when it’s done but I think I may have to finish another project (chocolate chip cookie scarf) before Shawn will let me buy all the yarn I need to finish Tetris. Oh well.

Less than 1 month to vacation!

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