Just a (not so) Brief “Hello”

I am not a writer. I’ve never written for anything (other than my journal). I love literature and am an avid reader, but have never been that fantastic at getting my own words out onto paper. So, for no apparent reason I’ve made this blog. Moreso as a way for me to record my adventures and projects (of which I have far too many).

You wouldn’t think that my life would be so eventful as it is. I’m 23 years old, recently married, living in a house I rent from my mother is south-eastern Louisiana (state not by choice, simply situation). We are not very social creatures. We don’t “partay” or get “crunk”. We work hard, save money, play with our dog, and collect yarn, books, and recipes.

Currently our life’s goal is to move to Madison, WI. My mother’s family lives there and we’re sure we’d be much better suited to the area. Despite objections from my family claiming that I’m a southern girl who has never known true winter (true as it may be), we are quite determined to make our home in Madison.

Until then we are just surviving. Trying to attain a couple short term goals. For example the last week of September we’re going on vacation to visit my family in Wisconsin, and then we desperately need to buy another car. Sadly, we live in an area that makes it virtually impossible to survive without each person having their own vehicle. We’re making due currently, but not without some problems. Public transportation options, as well as simple things like sidewalks (of which there are NONE here) were a major draw to Madison among many other reasons.

So I’ll be adding little tidbits to this as fun things happen… or don’t.

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